Venturi Ltd

About us

Venturi recruits in USA, Germany & UK. Venturi Recruits: Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing/ Infrastructure/ Networking & Security's/ Development & Design/ Big Data & Data Science. Venturi started in 2009 and was founded by our Director Brad Lamb an established IT recruiter with over 10 years’ experience. Shortly after inception Brad was joined by a previous colleague James Doyle now our Managing Director. Venturi raised money through angel investor Keith Jones that helped accelerate Venturi’s growth. What makes Venturi special is the team around them. Built up of all industry professionals driven to deliver the best possible experience. We invest in our own talent every single day, enabling us to build a team of highly knowledgeable and strongly motivated recruiters. Facebook – Venturi: Behind the Scenes Twitter & Instagram - @Venturi_Ltd

Our Values