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General Summary The Sr. Android Developer will be responsible for the development of low-level support of a high-performance graphics framework on the android platform. This role includes intensive interactions with internal architects on developing advanced graphics rendering and imaging acceleration features, implementing an android backend and bridge to support high-performance graphics code, implementing scheduler for parallel processing, profiling performance/power bottlenecks, and prototyping optimal end-end high-performance framework solutions. The role also includes collaboration with open source communities on architecture and implementation. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Essential Functions Research and develop Android backend and support for a low power high-performance graphics rendering framework architecture and end-end graphics system to accelerate UI/Image/game applications on mobile devices for best full scenario user experiences.Analyze current Android backend of graphics rendering framework against competitors’ system to find architecture weakness, performance/power bottlenecks, and challenges. Fine-tune the low-level code of the framework to boost performance and reduce power consumption significantly.Prototype optimal end-end system solutions and present project proposals for parallel processing using multiple thread. Design and implement virtual thread scheduling logic.Develop high efficient resource management, low-level framework APIs, highly integrated SW-HW accelerations & libs and SDKs, etc.Identify future trends in parallel processing technologies and drive strategic planning to make product differentiation and improve the platform.Work effectively with the open-source community to enhance & promote the technologies for better fully scenario experiences. JOB SPECIFICATIONS (Education, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities); (refers to job, not incumbent) Relevant Work Experience Minimum: 6+ years of experience in Android development Preferred: 10+ years of experience in Android development and other major OS Skills & Abilities: (Technical or General) Minimum Requirements Expert on Android SDK, rich experience with Android and other system-level development. Expert on JNI.Experience with high-performance computing with parallel processing.Experience with graphics rendering/display framework in Android Skia /SurfaceFlinger or Flutter or iOS Metal system or graphics DDK/compiler, game engines or AR engine.Excellent communication skillsStrengths in working with local and remote teams to design, develop, and debug systems.Knowledge on OpenGLES, Vulkan, Metal, DX11/12, OpenCL or similar APIs is a plus Knowledge of computer graphics is a plus


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Mar 22, 2020

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