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We are looking for an Flutter App developer to complement our team and support the development of current and next generation Dash Cams. Candidate duties include the development and maintenance of our cross platform companion Apps which run on Android & iOS. The position is primarily based in Caerphilly, Wales. Travel to China and other production sites may occasionally be required to coordinate development efforts. The position is on a full time, permanent basis. REQUIRED SKILLS A suitable candidate: Is ready to scale with us. Our App is a must-have for everyone that buys a Wi-Fi enabled Dash Cam; thus, it needs to support almost every phone in the market. We provide a challenging environment to tune Flutter and ensure it runs smoothly on old phones as well. Embraces state of the art Flutter development and design practices. Our team enjoys BLoC , dependency injection and automated Flutter driver tests on our build servers to uphold a high quality level. Is knowledgeable of common data structures and space/time complexity. Embraces test driven development by writing tests on every level on the stack from basic unit test to e2e tests that run in our automated test lab. Works independently on tricky technical challenges. Build, test, measure, repeat. Eventually, close ticket & get coffee. BENEFICIAL SKILLS Experience with publishing cross-platform apps to the stores Experience in fine-tuning the Flutter engine or plugins


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Caerphilly, UK
Full Time
Posted on
Apr 6, 2020

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