Head of Dart and Flutter, Developer Relations

The Developer Relations organization helps keep us connected to the communities that love technology as much as we do. Our focus is on supporting third party developers who build applications and businesses on Google's platforms. Developer Advocates act as passionate advocates for Google technologies, and are vocal advocates for developer interests within Google. This is a position for engineers who love connecting with developers and speaking publicly about cutting-edge technologies on conference panels, at user groups, on blogs and with the press. You also communicate internally with Product Managers. Chrome, Android, App Engine, HTML5, as well as our core G Suite and Ads APIs, are just some of the platforms you promote and support. Your work fosters a community of developers working with Google technologies and helps to drive strategy around Developer Relations.

Dart and Flutter DevRel is the external face of Flutter and the internal face of the developer. We educate the community, helping them build the best Flutter apps they can, ensure that they have a wonderful experience while doing so, and bring feedback to the engineering team for future development.


  • Manage members of the Dart and Flutter DevRel teams
  • Set DevRel strategy in alignment with Engineering and Product
  • Set team goals, OKRs, and direction
  • Work with Flutter and Dart cross-functional leadership to drive product strategy
  • Perform highly strategic Developer Advocate/Developer Programs Engineer/Technical Writer work as needed
  • Requirements

    Minimum qualifications:

    • 6 years of experience working in a consultant capacity helping fellow developers.
    • 4 years of experience managing interdisciplinary teams.

    Preferred qualifications:

    • Experience with large group communication and presentations.
    • Experience working with 3rd Party Developer Tools (this includes but is not limited to: documentation, APIs, SDKs,client libraries).
    • Experience participating in online platforms (this includes but is not limited to: OpenSource platforms and StackOverflow).

    How to Apply

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    California, CA
    Full Time
    Posted on
    Feb 27, 2020

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