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Today we announce the official start of our new initiative Flutt...er Nepal. At some point of our life, all of us have wanted to build an app. Whether it was for college, for personal problems or for testing new ideas, we dreamt of our own app. But the problem out there was that there weren't much ways with which we could create apps for multiple platforms. If you somehow learnt Java with great persistence, you would still need to develop your IOS application. Going all the way to the beginning with Swift? And with additional money? Nah! Not anymore! With flutter, we've got you covered! One stop, multi-platform apps. Flutter is a great way of making beautiful apps. We, as enthusiastic Flutter developers, saw potential Flutter developers from Nepal. Having the memory of our own painful experience on how difficult it is to learn to code, we thought we needed to do something. And since flutter is new, we highly believe that the process is going to be very tough for learners out there. Finally, to solve that issue, here we are. Flutter Nepal! Yes! At Flutter Nepal, we will help you make your learning process easier and effective. Join us today, and let the world hear the melody of Nepalese flutter developers! See More After a short break we are back with some special packages for this new year 2020. For the first time Flutter Nepal is trying something new, something exciting ...and something more advantageous for our fellow enthusiast, with the beginning of this year we have decided to start a flutter marathon on different colleges. This marathon is targeted to all kind of interested personalities who are interested in Flutter. A more precise, more productive session with this event; you'll get to experience the best of learning with the expert mentors to make sure you do and grow better. See More Review hai GuysCOVID-19 Nepal ApplicationIt Shows Realtime Data of Total Cases, Recovered and Deaths. Mainly Focused Nepal's Data. Download now and get Realtime data on your Smartphone.यसले कुल केसहरू, पुन: प्राप्ति र मृत्युहरूको वास्तविक समय डाटा देखाउँदछ। मुख्य रूपमा फोकस गरिएको नेपालको डाटा। अब डाउनलोड गर्नुहोस् र आफ्नो स्मार्टफोनमा रियलटाइम डाटा प्राप्त गर्नुहोस्।...Download: https://bcanepaltu.com/covid19-app/ See More Coding Challenge #5 Linked LIst Based !!! Deadline: 28th March 10AM (NPT) Submission: You can “comment the logic” or pseudo code as well now.... But you have to tag a friend for valid submission. Your can DM your code, we will surely reply. You can code in any language of your choice. Share with your friends during this free time. #codural #codingchallenge #coduralchallenge #lets_code See More " Saral Shikshya presents the Saral Quiz for the month of March 2020." NOTE: Considering the social as well as the psychological impact of Corona Virus (Covid-1...9) on students; involving them on creative learning educational platform with a motto of "learn, explore and be prepared", we the team of Saral Shikshya presents the daily Quiz for the month of March 2020. To participate – 1. Do tag five of your friends along with answering the question, 2. Share this post on your timeline. 3. You must like the page and post. 4. Questions will be posted on this page every day at 8:00 pm. 5. You can comment on your answer till 7 pm the next day. 6. Repeated, edited comments after 7pm will not be accepted. 7. One lucky winner, who has answered correctly (according to the rules) will be selected through a lucky draw and will be declared live on our Saral Entrance Facebook group/ Page the next day at 8 pm. 8. At the end of the Saral quiz series, the most consistent participant will be awarded a Samsung Galaxy M31 Mobile phone. 9. Winner must send their college or school identity card. 10. One randomly selected correct answer will win a gift voucher worth NRs. 50 as a top-up from Saral Shikshya. "Do like our page to stay updated about the upcoming interesting quiz questions and become the lucky winner to win a grand lucky prize Samsung Galaxy M31" #saralshikshya #saralentrance #saralquiz #quiz #educationplatform #entrancepreparation #bridgecourse #kodestagetechnology #bsccsitentrancepreparation #csit #bcapreparation #cmatpreparation #kumatprepration #bitprepration #cmat #bit #bca See More What is Linked List? We are running coding challenges daily . Lets participate #codural... #codingchallenge #coduralchallenge #lets_code See More